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Rein Ends
Rein Chains

We have 12 different types of rein chains. They are made of stainless steel or steel with a black, blued, patina (rust w/o shine) or brown (with shine) finish. The length varies from 9" to 18" depending on the style you choose.

  • BR-01 has regular links
  • BR-03 spring type links
  • BR-05 is 18" long with a swivel in the center
  • BR-07 & BR-08 also have a swivel in the center -- first one is 12" long the latter is 9" long.
  • BR-11 thru 13 also have a swivel in the center. BR-11 is 14" long; BR-12 is 11 -12" and BR-13 is 12" long.
  • BR-11 & BR-13 have fancy swivels
  • BR-12 has both fancy swivel & hook.
  • BR-14 has both fancy swivel & hook and is 9" long

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