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Regarding HORSE BITS:

"My friend Katharina just got her bit from you and is very happy with it." Verena from Germany

"It is absolutely beautiful! German Silver Daisy Spade Bit Thank you so much for making this bit a reality. I sincerely appreciate it!" Erin from Washington

This is regarding a gorgeous Santa Barbara Spade Bit custom ordered by a loving husband who wanted to surprise his dear wife with the perfect gift. The Customer pleasantly surprise me too with this nice note:
"It got here fast, got it last night and built a stand for it. Perfect timing too. It's been a long past couple days, my wife just got home from the hospital for appendicitis and this was a great surprise to get her spirits up. She was so excited that it almost hurt to express it haha. Thanks again for the excellent craftsmanship" Cole from California

Regarding Custom BUCKLES for Halter:

"ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM MADE BUCKLES. Concho for Halter I contacted her to inquire about making buckles for me after I saw another item she had listed. These were made exactly the way I requested, size shape, jewelers bronze, sterling overlay, etc. Everything I requested. Super fast shipping after they were completed. I could not be happier with everything. Do not hesitate to order something custom from them, you will not be disappointed. Thank you very much."

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2-Piece Bar Buckles set with Turquoise Inlay 123-16PTQ
Turquoise line of BLTs & Conchos

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ART, Antiques, Home Decor....
ART, Antiques, Home Decor....

Art, Antiques, Home Décor & More

This section entitled: Art, Antiques, Home Décor …
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The items are either unique, antique,
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Belt Buckles

These buckles are hand made either of stainless steel without silver, Steel with silver inlay with a black or blued finish ("openwork " or solid), or German Silver. The hand engraving makes a beautiful contrast with the background.

The standard buckle size is 2 7/8" tall by 4"wide for 2" belt but can be made smaller if requested for the same price. You can also request a different belt size.

The German Silver buckle pictured here is for a 1 1/2" belt and it matches the Sonoita style 3-piece buckle sets & conchos.

Options are:

  • Steel with silver inlay with black or blued finish - open work or solid
  • Custom buckles with initials or brand
  • German Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • Trophy buckles
Buckle Sets for HAT BANDS
Buckle Sets for HAT BANDS
Buckle Sets & Conchos
Buckle Sets-German Silver
Buckle Sets-German Silver
Buckle Sets - Rusty Iron
Buckle Sets - Rusty Iron
Buckle Sets - Turquoise
Buckle Sets - Turquoise
Buckle Tips & Keepers
Buckle Tips & Keepers


The ferrules pictured here are made of Sterling Overlay (OV). All except one are hand engraved. Different shape and sizes are available as follows:

  • Barrel Style
  • Hexagon
  • Hexagon Tube
  • Round
  • Round with a chicago screw
  • Tube
  • Tube Round

Please contact us if you can't find the options you are looking for, have any questions or special requests.

Cotton & Nylon Ropes
Hair Accessories
ALL HATS in stock are ON SALE -- Receive a 20% off at check out.
Horse Bit Accessories
Select the Type of Accessory:
Horse Bits - Most Popular
Horse Bits - Most Popular
Horse Bits w/Silver by MP
Select the Type of Bit (Horse bits) by Mouthpiece Style:
Horse Bits w/Silver by Style
Select the custom handmade western silver show horse bit by the following Cheek Styles:
Horse Bits w/Silver by Theme

We have many silver bits. Use the Search box, top right corner, to find what you are looking for if you can't find it in this group of theme descriptions. For example: type in "tear drops" and bits with tear drop small conchos will pop up.

Otherwise, Select the custom handmade western silver show horse bit by the following most popular Themes (Design on the Cheeks):

Horse Bits w/Silver w/Brand
HORSE bits w/Silver w/BRAND

We have many silver bits suitable to put your brand or initials. This section contains a few of the bits done with either a brand or initials to give you an idea.

You may order as pictured but with your brand or initials.

Horse Bits w/Silver Custom

We have many custom silver bits. This section contains a few of the custom bits done -- some are a unique combination of the different options from the drop menu; others are with that and other specifications.

You may order as pictured or send us your own request.

Horse Bits WITHOUT Silver


JT Silversmiths offers the following products made of horsehair: Mecates, Get Down Ropes, Roping and Split Reins, Hat Bands, Stampede Strings, Bolo Ties, Key Chains, Bracelets and Tassels.

The MECATES are made of mane horsehair. Cllick on Horsehair - Mecates to narrow your search. It will take you to the Horsehair - Mecates section so you can make your selection.

For more information or if you interested in a price quote please contact us.

Horsehair - Mecates

We have the following nine patterns to choose from. These are mainly for the Mecates, but are also used for the Get Down Ropes, Roping Reins, Split Reins, and custom romal reins made with horsehair.

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Jewelry & Accessories
Select the Type of Bit / Mouthpiece:
Rawhide & Leather
Saddle Trim, etc.
Saddle Trim, etc.
Select the Type of Snaffle:
Spurs - Accessories
Spurs for CUTTING Horses
Spurs - Best Sellers
Spurs - Best Sellers
SPURS - by TYPE of Shank
Select the Type of Spur:
Spurs - Western Pleasure
Spurs - Western Pleasure
Spurs w/o Silver