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Our beautiful and skillfully crafted silver inlaid or overlaid snaffles are custom hand made, hand engraved. You can order as pictured or you can design per the options that are available in the drop menus.

Because we specialize in custom manufacturing, we can create, build to replicate your design or customize to your satisfaction. We can make almost any combination since most patterns, conchos and designs can be made into a Dee Ring, Loose Ring (one or two rings), Sterling over Stainless, or Blued, Black, Brown, or Patina iron with Silver Inlay or Overlay.

Black, Brown or Blued Steel will oxidize eventually creating an attractive contrast to the silver. Moisture and humidity will expedite the oxidation. So keep dry to retard the oxidation.

All mouthpieces are hand forged iron "sweetened" with copper inlay - which horses love. The standard size is 5", Arabian size is 4-3/4".


The snaffles are available in White (Sterling over Stainless) or BLUED, BLACK, BROWN or PATINA iron with silver inlay or overlay. We have approx. thirty five different snaffles to choose from and have grouped them by description to facilitate and expedite your search.

Click on the snaffle sub menus Dee Ring or Loose Ring to find the one you are looking for or send us your sketch with specifications of how you want it made -- we'll gladly give you a price quote and estimated delivery time.

Snaffles are available with 8 different Snaffle mouthpieces : MP-25, 43, 44, 45, 46, 55, 56, 99 at NO additional charge.

If you want an Argentine, Gag Snaffle or regular bit with a snaffle MP, go to Snaffles (under Horse bits w/ Silver by MP).

If you don't see the snaffle or options you are looking for or have any questions, please call us at 209 492-0114 or e-mail us at sales@JTSilversmiths.com or jtsilversmiths@yahoo.com.