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Low Port
Low PortThis section has low port mouthpieces.

The following Low Port mouthpieces are approximately 3/4" high:

  • MP-10 Low Polo
  • MP-23 Grazing
  • MP-24 Mullen w/ copper rollers
  • MP-53 Mullen
  • MP-54 Mullen

The following Low Port mouthpieces are approximately from 1" to 1-1/4" high:

  • MP-07 Salinas w/ copper hood
  • MP-08 Salinas w/o copper hood
  • MP-22 Mullen
  • MP-33 Low Curb
  • MP-34 Low Round Port with Cricket
  • MP-43 Spade Snaffle
  • MP-48 Low Port w/ cricket with Some Tongue Relief
  • MP-51 Low Round Solid Port w/ Some Tongue Relief
  • MP-52 Ported Snaffle with Copper Rollers.
  • All snaffle MP fall in this category. Go to snaffles to see them.
Medium Port
High Port
Chileno Ring Bit Mouthpiece
Half Breed
Mona Lisa
Ported Snaffle


This section has the spade horse bit mouthpieces. We have several styles to chose from. You can order as pictured or contact us if you want to make modifications.

Go to spade bits to see more spade bits.

This link has the Mouthpiece Angles.


See the picture below showing the two positions for attaching the braces to the cheek. Let us know when you place your order if you have a preference on Position A or B.

Position A has the braces attached in the center of the cheek.

Position B has the braces in line with the cannon (the mouthpiece bar).

Please contact us if you can't find the options you are looking for, have any questions or special requests.

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All mouthpieces (MP) are hand forged iron "sweetened" with copper inlay. The standard width size is 5",
Arabian size is 4 3/4". We have 56 mouthpieces to choose from and have grouped them by height. These are approximate: Lower is 1"& under, Low 1"- 1 1/4", Medium 1 1/2", High 2", Higher 2 1/2", Extra High 3"- 4". Low includes the various snaffles & the Lower MP. High includes the spade bits.

Any of these MP can be made in the height and combination that you need -- i.e. with or without a copper cricket, with or without a copper hood. Choose the cheek piece, then use the options in the drop menu to make a selection of the MP and angle. We get many calls asking for bits / MP by name so we have also grouped them by the type of MP to facilitate / expedite your search for the suitable bit or mouthpiece.

To search for a particular mouthpiece in the SEARCH box a the top right corner of the screen, type the word "mouthpiece" followed by the MP number WITHOUT a space in between. For example: "mouthpiece11".
Horse Silver Mouthpieces