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Select the Type of Bit (Horse bits) by Mouthpiece Style:
Chileno Bit aka O Ring
Chileno Bit aka O Ring
Low Port

This section has some of the custom made Western Sterling Show bits made with a low port mouthpiece. Bit #B-1063 with MP-07 is pictured here with a Patina finish.

The following Low Port mouthpieces are approximately 3/4" high: MP-10 Low Polo, MP-23 Grazing; MP-24, MP-53, MP-54 Mullen mouthpieces.

The following Low Port mouthpieces are approximately 1 - 1 1/4" high: MP-07, MP-08 Salinas mouthpieces; MP-22 Mullen, MP-33 Low Curb, MP-34 Low Round Port with Cricket, MP-43 Spade snaffles, MP-48 Low Port w/ cricket with Some Tongue Relief, MP-51 Low Round Solid Port w/ Some Tongue Relief, MP-52 Ported Snaffle with Copper Rollers.

Go to Low Port MOUTHPIECES subsection for a description and picture of these mouthpieces.

The snaffle mouthpieces also fall in the low mouthpiece category. Go to snaffles, to see them.

These are just some of the bits with a low port mouthpiece. You can however, put a low port mouthpiece in pretty much any of the bits (shanks /cheeks) available on the website.

Medium Port
Medium Port
High Port
High Port
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Half Breed
Half Breed

This section has mainly some of the Argentine Snaffles, Gag Snaffles and bits made with a snaffle mouthpiece.

If you are looking for a Loose Ring or D Ring Snaffle go to snaffles main category.

If you want any of the bits on our webpage with a snaffle mouthpiece, just select from the drop menu the one you prefer. We have 7 Snaffle MP to choose from.

Please contact us if you can't find the options you are looking for, have a questions or special requests.



This section has the Vintage style spade horse bits. We have several patterns and mouthpieces to chose from. You can order as pictured or customize any of the bits on our website using the drop menu options.

Go to spade bits to see more spade bits.

If you go to Spade Mouthpieces, you can see the spade MP options.

This link has the Mouthpiece Angles.


See the picture below showing the two positions for attaching the braces to the cheek. Let us know when you place your order if you have a preference on Position A or B.

Position A has the braces attached in the center of the cheek.

Position B has the braces in line with the cannon (the mouthpiece bar).

Please contact us if you can't find the options you are looking for, have any questions or special requests.

Ported Snaffle
Ported Snaffle
See All Bits

Custom Cowboy / Western Show Silver Handmade Horse Bits

Our beautiful and skillfully crafted silver horse bits are custom handmade and hand engraved. You can order:

  • As pictured

    We have a wide selection of custom silver show bits (over 260 bits) so that you can find a pair suitable for you.

  • Customize your handmade silver horse bit per the options available in the drop menus.

    By using the drop menus, you can request pretty much any change you feel necessary to make the custom western horse bit suitable for you or that special love one you want to surprise. You can choose the style of cheek piece, the mouthpiece (MP), MP width and angle that you prefer.

  • We can create or customize the handmade silver show horse bit per your specifications.

    We specialize in custom manufacturing, we can create, build to replicate your design or customize the item to your satisfaction so send us your sketch with all the details of how you want your custom horse bit made -- we'll gladly give you a price quote and delivery time.

  • Personalize handmade silver show bit with your brand or initials

    The brand or initials are made of jewelers bronze (JB) over the silver background for approximately $30 more.

  • Order in combinations

    For example: Cheek piece of B-1580 with the concho of B-1547 for a beautiful bit. The price will vary depending on the size of the concho.


We get many calls from people from all the USA and out of the country asking for a particular horse bit i.e., Salinas Bit, Half Breed, Frog Bit, etc. (the type of mouthpiece the bit has), Custom western horse bits, custom cowboy horse bit, custom horse bit, handmade horse bit, custom made horse bits, and Western silver show horse bits. We have more than 260 different horse bits to choose from. To facilitate your search, we have grouped them in the following different ways: (main category to the left of the screen)

  • Bits (Horse Bits) – Working Bits (no silver)

    These horse bits do not have silver. They are working bits made of stainless steel with a sweet iron mouthpiece.

  • Bits (Horse Bits) by Mouthpiece

    Our bits are available with 88 different mouthpieces MP-01 thru MP-88. You can type the mouthpiece number (without spaces) in the search box at the top right corner of the screen (example: MOUTHPIECE10) so you can see what the Mouthpiece looks like.

    Because they have more copper or work, add an additional $25 for the following mouthpieces: Mouthpieces MP-13, MP-14, MP-17, MP-29 thru MP-31, MP-59, MP-63, MP-65 thru MP-67, MP-71, MP-72, MP-74 thru MP-78, MP-84, MP-85. The Chileno Ring Bit (see B-1514) has MP-25R which is the Ring Bit Mouthpiece - add $35 for this MP.

    So in this section of our website Bits (Horse bits) by Mouthpiece, we have grouped some of the bits we have made with the following types of mouthpieces (as listed in the menu - above):

    Chileno Bit aka O Ring

    B-1514 has this type of mouthpiece.

    Low Port Mouthpiece

    This section has the gracing, low port with and without a cricket, Low Round Port with Cricket or solid Port, Lower Polo, Mullen or Arch Mouth, Ported Snaffle with copper rollers, Salinas (lower port) with or w/o copper hood, Low Polo, Billy Allen, Tilt Mullen with or copper rollers

    Medium Port Mouthpiece

    In this section you will find the following mouthpieces: Donut , Frog without or w/ Some Tongue Relief, Frog with Hood No Tongue Relief, Medium Port Rounded Loop with Cricket - Straight Bar MP-36, and Sweet Water (Texas Style) MP-21

    High Port Mouthpiece

    Here you will find the cathedral, half breeds, High Polo & Ported mouthpieces - ported snaffles MP-42 and 47, high port Salinas, San Joaquin with and w/o copper hood, spades, spoon spades, Mona Lisa and MP-17 with small copper rollers (feeders).


    You’ll find the Salinas here – with or w/o copper hood, lower and high port.

    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa comes with a copper hood but you can request it w/o the hood if you like.

    Frog Mouthpiece

    We have 4 Frog mouthpieces to choose from – with or w/o copper hood, without or some tongue relief.

    Half Breed

    We have 6 different half breeds to choose from: with or w/o tongue relief, with or w/o copper hood, with copper wires, narrow or regular loop (port)

    Polo Mouthpiece

    You have 2 choices: lower (approx. ¾” high) and high port (approx. (1 ½”).


    There are 5 choices: Billy Allen with and w/o rollers, dog bone, twisted and regular broken snaffle.

    Ported Snaffles

    We have 4 different ported snaffles: with & w/o copper cricket, with and w/o copper rollers on the bars, and square port.

    Other Mouthpieces

    This is a unique / rare mouthpiece seldom made.

  • Bits (Horse Bits) by Style

    In this section we have put bits made in the past grouped by these styles: Argentine snaffles, Arizona cheeks, Big Concho, Calvary pattern shank, Charras, Chileno Ring Bit, Gag Snaffles, Las Cruces, Nevada, Number 7, Rod Iron Cheek, Santa Barbara, Santa Lucia, Santa Paula, Santa Susanna, Sonora, Spade bits, and U.S. Style.

  • Bits (Horse Bits) by Theme

    For the rider who is looking for Back boned (de Espinazo), Chevron stripes, Crescent Moon, Daisy Concho, Filigree, Hearts, Horse shoe, Pistol Bits, Round, Snake , Special Bits, special Projects, Star, Trophy (ideal for personalizing), Wagon Wheel.

  • By description

    See the List of Bits by Description at the bottom of this page or use the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the screen and type the key word of the options mentioned above so you can find what you are looking for.

    If you can't find the handmade silver show bit you are looking for, please call us toll free at 877 587-4583 or direct at 209 492-0114. You can also email us at sales@jtsilversmiths.com or use the "remarks" section to let us know of any changes or specific measurements you need.


The horse bits are available in:

  • Sterling over Stainless

    Stainless Steel with Sterling Silver Overlay (also referred to as WHITE, STERLING OVERLAY, or SOS) like B-1020 SOS


    Brown is brown with a shine; Patina is a rusty brown. These are iron inlaid with Fine Silver (also referred to as Sterling inlay or Patina, Black, Brown or Blued Steel). See B-1020 Silver Inlay, Blued. If you want the Blued, black, or Patina with silver overlay, request it (see B-1020 Silver Overlay, Blued). Either send us a message when placing your order or please call us. .


The iron in your custom western show bit will oxidize eventually creating an attractive contrast to the silver. Moisture and humidity will expedite the oxidation. So keep your handmade bit dry to retard the oxidation. Choose Sterling over Stainless if you don't want them to rust. The silver will tarnish but will give the engraving a nice contrast making them look antique.


The standard mouthpiece width is 5” but as you can see from the drop menu (once you have selected a bit number, under mouthpiece width), we can make the mouthpiece width as narrow as 4 1/2" and as wide as 6". Arabian horse size is typically 4 3/4". If you need a different width, just let us know.

All mouthpieces are hand forged iron "sweetened" with copper inlay.

Three Mouthpiece Angles are available: 1 - Normal; 2 - Slight Drop (towards horse's tongue); 3 - Straight or Drop towards the back (towards palate). See the Mouthpiece Angles diagram under Mouthpieces main category -- scroll to the bottom of the page.


There is a wide selection of custom silver show bits and countless options/changes that can be made to your handmade bit. Most without additional cost. However, if putting a larger concho, the price goes up depending on the size of the silver concho; and custom bits with a brand or initials in Jewelers Bronze are approximately $30 more.

The mouthpiece is included when purchasing a bit. However, a handful of mouthpieces, mainly the spade and those with more work or copper, are $25 extra; the Chileno MP-25R is $35 extra.

The custom, handmade bits are available in STERLING OVER STAINLESS (which is Sterling Overlay - all White in color – See B-1020 SOS); and Steel with a BLUED, BLACK, BROWN or PATINA finish (Sterling inlay – see B-1020 Silver Inlay, Blued) for the same price -- as noted in the drop menus. If you want the Steel with a Blued, Black, Brown or Patina finish with sterling overlay (see B-1020 Silver Overlay, Blued), it may be same price or slightly higher.

If you don't see the horse bits or options you are looking for, please call us at 1 877 JTSilver (587-4583) or e-mail us at sales@JTSilversmiths.com.

Description Product Numbers
Acorn B-1613
Argentine Snaffles B-1582 thru B-1586, B-1628 thru B-1629
Arrow B-1608
Arizona cheek B-1518
Backboned (de Espinazo) B-1515
Big Conchos B-1029, B-1516, B-1547 (3" concho), B-1557, B-1562 (2"concho), B-1570,
B-1582, B-1614, B-1643
Calvary Pattern Shank B-1580
Chevron Stripes B-1515, B-1644
Conchos B-1002, B-1009, B-1010, B-1018, B-1019, B-1020, B-1023, B-1024, B-1025,
B-1026, B-2028, B-1031, B-1032, B-1034, B-1037, B-1038, B-1039, B-1042 thru
B-1045, B-1049, B-1050, B-1052, B-1057, B-1059, B1501, B-1505, B-1506,
B-1508, B-1511, B-1517, B-1518, B-1520, B-1524, B-1525, B-1529, B-1530,
B-1533, B-1539, B-1542, B-1546, B-1551, B-1558, B-1559, B-1561, B-1562,
B-1565, B-1566,B-1572, B-1574, B-1575, B-1577, B-1579 thru B-1581, B-1595,
B-1600, B-1601, B-1603 thru B-1607, B-1610 (1"concho), B-1619, B-1623, B-1627
thru B-1629, B-1633, B-1637, B-1640, B-1642, B-1644
Beads small conchos) B-1003, B-1060, B-1549, B-1550, B-1564, B-1568, B-1573, B-1574, B-1601 thru
B-1604, B-1610 thru B-1612, B-1615, B-1617, B-1621, B-1624, B-1626, B-1631,
B-1632, B-1633, B-1639, B-1640,
Card Suit Motif B-1636, B-1638
"D" B-1601
Daisy B-1002, B-1504, B-1513, B-1573
Diamond Shape B-1620
Eagle B-1028
Filigree B-1015, B-1017, B-1026, B-1027, B-1040
Flower B-1617
Gag snaffle B-1641, B-1680, B-1681
Half Moon / Crescent B-1034, B-1056, B-1514, B-1526, B-1531, B-1553, B-1549, B-1550, B-1564,
B-1565, B-1615, B-1621, B-1635, B-1639
Horseshoe B-1032, B-1571, B-1578
Heart(s) B-1015, B-1025, B-1507, B-1534, B-1552, B-1555, B-1572
Ideal for Personalizing B-1000, B-1010, B-1029
Indian Head B-1028
Leaf Scroll B-1519
Light (same as Rod Cheek)
O Ring Bit B-1514
Pico Edge B-1033
Pistol B-1616
Rod Cheek (de Varilla) B-1587 thru B-1590, B-1597, B-1598, B-1622, B-1631
Seven B-1036, B-1587, B-1591
Shield B-1609
Snake B-1513, B-1560, B-1570
Star B-1001, B-1006, B-1046, B-1057, B-1503,B-1526, B-1550, B-1611, B-1615,
B-1618, B-1634
Straight Shank B-1001 thru B-1006, B-1528, B-1548 thru B-1550, B-1565, B-1573, B-1611 thru
B-1613, B-1615, B-1617, B-1621.
Stripes B-1504, B-1510 thru B-1512, B-1515, B-1570, B-1572, B-1575, B-1580, B-1581,
B-1584, B-1619, B-1623, B-1627, B-1629, B-1639, B-1644
Wagon Wheel B-1004, B-1548
1/2 Wagon Wheel B-1528