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Gal-Leg (pierna de mujer) Medium Heel band Silver inlay spurs - Black

- Product# SP-2797

Steel with Silver inlay spurs pictured in Black with a unique shape medium heel band, long shank shaped like a gal's leg, no chap guard, small rowels, silver rowel disc no jingle bobs, and solid striped buttons without chains.

  • Design: Gal-Leg (pierna de mujer)
  • Finish: Sterling Inlay
  • Heel Band Width: Medium (from 1" to under 1 1/2")
  • Type of Heel Band: Other
  • Length of Shank: Long (from 2 1/4" to 3")
  • Curve in Shank: Quarter
  • Style of Shank: Straight (or almost)
  • Rowel Size: Small (under 1 1/8")

However, you can use the options in the drop menus to customize your spurs. You can also build to replicate your design; make in any combination of heel band, rowel or shank; or request specific width of heel band, length and/or type of shank, and size and/or type of rowel. Double-mounted spurs are also available. Our goal is to make a pair suitable for you, so contact us if you can't find the options you are looking for or have any questions.

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Gal-Leg (pierna de mujer) Medium Heel band Silver inlay spurs - Black