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Mane Horsehair Mecate - 8 Strands - Pattern A5

- Product# 942-8 Strands/A5

Use this area to order an 8 Strand Mane horsehair mecate. The different diameters are listed in the drop menu. We have also listed some patterns which have been made in 8 strands.

Pictured here is Pattern A5 in 8 strands - the colors are black, brown/white flex, black.

You can purchase this Pattern, choose from the drop menu OR choose from the "Patterns" section a mecate you like - "barber pole" or "flex (with checks)" and let us know which pattern you want us to make you. The 8 strand mecate pattern will be slightly different from the 6 strand mecate since we have to add 2 more strands. Please allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery.

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Barber Pole
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Mane Horsehair Mecate - 8 Strands - Pattern A5