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Santa Barbara Splendor Inlay Bit - Black

- Product# B-1709

Santa Barbara Splendor Inlay Bit - Black

This Santa Barbara Style bit is bit #B-1668 with the front side of the shank straight like B-1549. It is Steel with Silver inlay with a Black finish; with a Sun's Glare Splendor design on the cheeks; a spoon spade (MP-30) mouthpiece with copper wires and MP is shy of 3" high (from bottom of cannon to the tip of the spoon); has copper on top of spoon; it's not loose jaw but has fairly good movement; and bit ends with a slobber bar.

  • Finish:
  • Type of Mouthpiece:
  • Height of Mouthpiece:
  • Type of Shank/Cheek:

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Santa Barbara Splendor Inlay Bit - Black