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Custom Silver Show Spurs - Page 2 (Button styles)

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Custom Silver Show Spurs

In this section, you can create a special pair of spurs using the attached chart which shows the different style of buttons that are available for your custom spurs. Also see Custom - Options Page 1 to view the options available for rowels, shanks & bands.

Click on the picture (chart) to make it bigger so you can see the details. Contact us if you want something different.

Use the drop menu in either one of these 2 pages to let us know the specifications you choose for your pair of custom spurs. The drop menu has the options for the following parts of the spurs:

  • Design of the brand: (6 on the chart; many more on the website)

  • Finish: Black, Blue, Brown, Patina or Sterling Over Stainless

  • Shank Length & Style

  • Button Style
    A - Hinged w/o chains -- 3 different styles A1, A2, A3
    B - Fixed/Solid (button located at Top of the heel band) --
     B1 with chains or B2 w/o chains.
    C - Movable -- C1 w/ chains or C2 w/o chains
    D - Movable at a slant w/o chains.
    E - Fixed/Solid (button located in Center of the Heel band --
     E1 with chains or E2 w/o chains.

  • Rowel Style & Size

Please remember to send us your brand picture, drawing or initials if requesting your logo, brand or initials on the spurs.

Use the top right search box to look at any of these sample spurs - just put in the box the spur number (example: SP-2514).

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Please select from the Options below
Brand or Initials
Type of Rowel
Rowel Size
Heal Band Style
Heel Band Width
Length of Shank
Style of Shank
Spur Button Style
Jingle Bobs
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Custom Silver Show Spurs - Page 2 (Button styles)