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HORSEHAIR HAT BAND - 5 Strands - W/2 BROWN Tassels

- Product# HB-5 w/2 Tassel - Brown

W/2 Tassels - with BROWN Tassels

Pictured here is a very nice horsehair hat bands with TWO tassels,
BROWN in color

Tassels are 3-1/2" long
1/2" hitch knot.

We will send you one of the hatband pattern
available with the BROWN TASSELS

The color of tassel may vary
from Brown, Light Brown, Tan.
The Hat band pattern may vary slightly too.

Use the drop menu to select
which color tassel shade you prefer
We'll send it if it's available.

The nicely done hitch knot and keeper
allow for adjusting the size to fit your hat.

Width of band is 5/8".

Please contact us
if you can't find the options you are looking for,
have any questions or special requests.

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Color (shade) Tassel
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HORSEHAIR HAT BAND - 5 Strands - W/2 BROWN Tassels