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MP-13 - Roller Spade or Flat Spade (Pretty Severe)

- Product# MP-13

Roller Spade or Flat Spade (Pretty Severe )

Extra High mouthpiece with copper cricket in the half breed part of the MP, small copper roller at the top of the spade, copper wires; the spade is covered with copper & engraved.

  • Height of Mouthpiece: Extra High (aprox 3"- 4")
  • Tongue Relief: No Tongue Relief
  • Metal: All mouthpieces are hand forged iron "sweetened" with copper inlay.

Bits with this mouthpiece pictured in the website: B-1545, B-1548, B-1609, B-1613, B-1640, B-1643. (Can use any of the following straight shank bits: B-1001 thru B-1006, B-1528, B-1548 thru B-1550, B-1565, B-1573, B-1611 thru B-1613, B-1615, B-1617, B-1621)

The mouthpiece (MP) is included when purchasing a bit. However, MP-13, 14, 17, 29, 30, 31 & 59 have a $25 additional charge & the ring bit MP have a $35 additional charge (as noted in the drop menu under Bits). Any one of these MP can be PURCHASED SEPARATELY or purchased so that we can change the MP on your old bit (REPAIR JOB). Use this section to view the different MP specifications and to purchase mouthpieces individually or for a repair job. Any of these mouthpieces (MP) can be made in the height and combination that you need -- i.e. with or w/o a copper cricket or hood. Select the cheek piece style you prefer, then select the MP you prefer using the drop menu options. Click on "Mouthpiece" menu or search by type/name or height of MP to facilitate/expedite your search for the suitable bit or MP.

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MP-13 - Roller Spade or Flat Spade (Pretty Severe)