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Snake Silver Overlay -- Double Sided Spurs

- Product# SP-2752 OV

Snake Silver Overlay -- Double Sided Spurs

This pair of spurs is the same as snake silver inlaid in blue steel double sided spur pictured on our website.

However, this pair is pictured in Sterling over Stainless Steel also Double Mounted.

Spur #SP-2511 snake sterling over stainless spurs is the same spur pattern as #SP-2752 but in Sterling Over Stainless Steel and only single sided.

We have included this picture so that you can appreciate the difference between the Sterling Over Stainless and the Blued Steel inlay.

Use the drop menu to choose single or double mounted. The base price is not for double mounted.

Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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Snake Silver Overlay -- Double Sided Spurs